You may be wondering at this point what, if any, side effects potentially result from the Zerona treatment? It turns out that Zerona is probably the safest body-slimming procedure currently on the market. When compared to weight loss pills, traditional liposuction, gastric bypass surgery and other common weight loss procedures, Zerona takes the cake, so to speak. Instead of invasive surgery, which carries the very real risk of primary and secondary infection, scarring, loose skin and even death due to complications, Zerona provides a non-invasive, pain free, and above all effective way to lose those unwanted inches. In fact, Zerona is the only laser technology on the market that is FDA approved for fat liquefaction whose approval indicates permanent results.

Skin Dimpling After
Traditional Liposuction

Fat Redistribution After
Traditional Liposuction

The true value of Zerona though is that it uses the body's natural physiology to produce results rather than haphazardly cutting away unwanted tissue. Still considering traditional liposuction? Google "fat redistribution" to see how the human body reacts in response to this type of surgery. That said, if a traditional weight loss procedure is an inevitability in your future, Zerona is still a great way to safely lose some inches in preparation for surgery. One study from The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery (2004) also indicated that 43% more test group subjects than placebo group subjects recorded a lower discomfort level from traditional liposuction when they received the Zerona treatment prior. 

"So that's all there is to it? Zerona will miraculously zap away my excess fat?" In short, no. You might think of Zerona as a way to jump start your body on the way to a healthier, slimmer you. There are certain protocols in place for patients receiving the Zerona treatment, including taking a metabolism-boosting supplement during the treatment period, committing to drinking sufficient amounts of water daily, and getting regular aerobic exercise. It is important to note that these protocols are put into place to ensure the greatest level of results for the patient, and that patients who adhere to said protocols enjoy optimum return on their investment. The commitments are minimal, and should already be a part of any health-committed individual's habits. In short, after Zerona releases fatty content from adipose cells, the actual results come from the body's natural ability to process and metabolize these materials, and the protocols are intended to reinforce the lymphatic system and metabolism during this process.

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